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For Digimon World 2 on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 14 FAQs (game guides and You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. Digimon World 2 is (c) Bandai and (c) Sony Entertainment of America. mission VERSION (April 17, ) - Made the walkthrough until. Content of my guide: | | 1)Introduction | | 2)Walkthrough This game is different from Digimon World 1 because you do not need to look after it.

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Digimon World 2 Walkthrough Pdf

A Bandai Playstation game Digimon World 2 strategy guide (English version) Version () By Chin Han [email protected] In Digimon World 2, you play as a tamer who works to defend Digital City. Most of the game will be spent traversing various Domains. Uni-T Poker Club, pour que le poker soit plus qu'un jeu.

I have not completed this game. Many people were confused by the DNA Digivolution. This guide is about walkthrough and digimons. Introduction II. Maps III. Walkthrough IV.

Once you are beaten, it will be game's over and your digimons will not die or lose lives. You do not need to worry about your digimons' condition. You can catch digimons using gifts. Using gifts is the same as using pokeballs, refer to catching digimons for more information. You can use up to 3 digimons a time.

Don't worry, the experience received is not divided by the number of digimons you have. Your decision will affect the game. So decide which club to join now. There are three types: vaccine, data and virus.

Digimon World: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Vaccine is weak against data, data is weak against virus and virus is weak against vaccine. Dark Sword Club - This is the virus club.

You will get Demidevimon if you join this club. Digimon Center - You can trade digimons here. Refer to Trading at Digimon Center. Blue Falcon Club - This is the data club.

You will get a Patamon if you joined this club. I joined this club because I want Angemon. You would have a though time if you joined this club because Patamon has a weak attack power.

Tamer's Club - There is a dancing Palmon here. Make friends here. You can get tips and secrets from tamers here. Come here after every mission.

Coliseum - Battle here to get a higher ranking but you must have an "Entry Pass" to register. But you must pay to register, starting from BITS. Golden Hawk Club - This is the vaccine club. You will get Agumon for joining this club. Agumon is a attack based digimon. This makes your missions easier. Main Gate - This is where you go out the Digital City for your missions. There is a door at the left side of the place. Talk to Carol to go out of Digital City.

You can also get help from a person below the screen. He will explain some things to you. The information you get from him is useful. Digi-line - Arrange your digimons for battles. First, second or third. Items - Use - use items you have. Transfer - Items - Transfer your items. You can do this only in Digital City. Items bought is in the server, you must take it out in order to use. Press X to see more detailed information of the digimons.

Then press Circle to view the skills of your digimons. Save - You can save your game. But you can do this only in Digital City or the world map. Auto-Pilot - You can return to Digital City with this.

Digimon World 2 - Walkthrough/FAQ

After you entered it, you will see all your Digi-Beetle parts. Damaged parts are in red. You will not need to download new part for damaged parts. A "use Auto-Pilot? Auto-Pilot is very useful. Tips: Use Megaseadramon's Water Splash to hit multiple targets.

Use Lilmon's healing skill to heal dieing digimons.

Walkthroughs for Digimon World

These are not your digimons, you will return these digimons after the mission. After that, you must join a gurad team. Now there are two domains. The Video domain and the Disk domain. I suggest you go to Video domain first as there are lesser digimon in pairs and the digimons' level is much lower then Disk Domain. So Video domain is much much very much harder than the Disk domain.

Make sure that you save your game before fighting it. One thing is that most of the digimons are vaccine types. If you are Gold Hawk Tamer, you must catch digimons here.

If you are Gold Hawk Tamer, you would have no problem catching it. But if you are not, you have to get a Toy Car Gift which you can use to catch all types of digimons.

Digimon World 2 — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Virus Rookie Numemon Boss? Virus Champion Sakomon? The most irritating digimons are the Gazimon and Gizamon. They came in pairs so it is hard to defeat them. Boss Tips This match is against three digimons. So catch two more digimons before attacking the Boss to make your battle easier.

Remember Remember to save Angemon before exiting the domain. Head straight. Now you can go to Meditation Dome. Talk to Angemon to get BITs. Go to Tamer's Club.

Then you will see a person that is not there the other time. He said that he saw a Metal Greymon on the second floor. After that, he will give you a Toy Plane to catch the Metal Greymon. Metal Greymon The guy said that he saw a Metal Greymon on the second floor. When you reach each the second floor, you will see the Metal Greymon the guy is talking about.

But the Metal Greymon ran away. Never mind, you will see it at the last floor. Head left of the path to reach the Metal Greymon. Prepare before you fight it, it is at level 21, HP over and it's attack can cost up to 35 damage a hit.

The Metal Greymon will never appear again if you defeat the boss there. You can fight Metal Greymon as many times as you want as long as you have not defeated the boss in that domain.

This domain is difficult. Data Champion Kentarumon Boss? Virus Champion Gabumon? Most of the digimons are data type. Blue Falcon Tamers; grab this chance to get more digimons. Go back to Digital City to see your leader to get an "Entry Pass".

Now you can participate in the Coliseum to get better Ranks. But remember that you have to pay before entering the coliseum. The cost start from BITs.

You must upgrade you Digi-Beetle's EP because the domain is huge and there is big rocks which will block the way making you to waste EP. Virus Champion Kuwagamon Boss?

Virus Champion Gesomon? All of digimons are Virus type. This is the Dark Sword Tamers' heaven. Dark Sword Tamers!!! Catch all the digimons you want in this domain. This will definitely power up your team. Rookie Birdramon Boss? Vaccine Champion Candlemon?


He will say that Orgemon told Kim about the Modem Domain. Now you have the Modem Domain mission. The Modem Domain consists of 8 levels.

You will meet Kim at the 7th floor, she will run away. When you reached the 8th level, you will need to fight three Boss and later Kim. Together you will need to fight 6 Boss digimons.

This domain will be Data typed domain. Champion Greymon Boss? Vaccine Champion Toy Agumon? Vaccine Rookie Kim's Digimons: Wizardmon? Data Champion Seadramon? Champion Akatorimon? The engine cost the most, the cost is 20 BITs.

Kim's Akatorimon is like Cockatrimon. You can go to Device Dome after the conversation.

The Items there are very expensive. The Blood Knights are lead by Crimson. Everything is changed in the domains. Levels and digimons had changed making the difficulty to be harder. Virus Champion Bakemon? Virus Champion Devimon?

Virus Champion Soulmon? Virus Champion Garurumon? Data Champion Gabumon? Virus Champion WaruMonzaemon? Virus Champion Nanimon? Go to Device Dome. Then go to the right door where the Parts Vendor is.

Head right as soon as you reach there. There would be a Metal Bridge there. You will find Professor Piyotte there. Talk to him and he will call you to catch him three digimons for him.

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The three digimons are Yanmamon, Syakomon and Ikkakumon. He advice you to talk to the hunter for the locations of these three digimons.

The hunter is in the room just outside here. The hunter will ask you to give him BITs for telling you the locations. But you can save the money because I will tell you the locations.

You can find Syakomon at the Web Domain. You can find Ikkakumon at the Video Domain. You can catch all these digimons easily expect Ikkakumon. Birdramon moves two steps per step you made. The best way is to catch the trapped Birdramon which is at Floor 5. Head to the Center of the map.

After you caught them, go back to find Professor Piyotte. Give him the three digimons and he will tell you that he is just testing you ability. You will keep the three digimons you caught. He will tell you that Ben Oldman will where is the Archive Ship. After that, return to you Guard Team and talk to your Guard Leader. Now you mission is to find Ben Oldman, But a person will come in.

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