Outlook 2010 full address book

  1. Outlook 2010: How to change your default Contacts Address Book
  2. Refresh the global address book in Outlook - Super User
  3. Add or remove an address book
  4. Contacts are missing when you click the To button

Create an address book in Outlook or Outlook to look up and select names, email addresses, and contact groups when you send email. You can add or remove address books or address lists that that make up the Outlook Address Book. Make sure the Outlook Address Book service is added to the Mail tab Address Books; Outlook / / / and Office

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Outlook 2010 Full Address Book

Unarguably Outlook stands out among the list of Personal Information Manager (PIM) apps available out there. Apart from sending and. When changes occur within the main Global Address Book (GAL) on the Office , computers running Outlook and / may not. I have multiple address lists in Outlook; 1 is our internal list (Global Address Book ) 1 is my Outlook , Outlook and Outlook

It was originally introduced as a minor convenience, almost an afterthought. In Outlook and the names were stored in a fragile file that did not travel from one computer to another, so the names and addresses on that list were always being lost. I learned a lot of tricks to move those files to new computers or restore them after a change to the mail system. I also did what I could to discourage people from treating that list as an address book. Microsoft bowed to the inevitable and built a different system for memorized addresses in Outlook There are two places where addresses are stored in Outlook in addition to the Contacts folder. The actual auto-complete list is contained in a deeply-buried cache file. It is still fragile. Here is a lengthy exchange of messages , for example, between people whose auto-complete list stops working completely or disappears every time they close Outlook. There are many suggestions there about how to repair it when it stops working — turning the auto-complete feature off and on, emptying the auto-complete list, renaming the buried cache folder, and more. Every time you send a message to a recipient who is not in your Contacts folder, the recipient info is added to the Suggested Contacts folder.

Outlook 2010: How to change your default Contacts Address Book

If you have a Microsoft Exchange account, the default address book is usually your Global Address List. You can change the default Address Book and set other address book preferences, such as which address book to check first when sending a message, and where to store personal addresses.

To view address books other than the default, you must select them from the list of address books in the Outlook Address Book. Outlook Contacts provide flexibility and customization that are unavailable in the Personal Address Book. For example, add personal profiles for each contact, including birthdays, phone numbers, anniversaries, and website addresses. The Global Address List contains the names and email addresses of everyone in your organization.

The Global Address List is automatically configured with an Exchange account. The Exchange administrator or network administrator creates and maintains this address book.

It can also contain email addresses for external contacts, distribution lists, conference rooms, and equipment. You can download the Global Address List for offline use.

The Outlook Address Book is created automatically and contains the contacts in your default Contacts folder that have either email addresses or fax numbers listed. These contacts are displayed in the Address Book dialog box when you click Contacts in the Address Book list.

If you create additional contacts folders, you can set the properties for each folder to include the contacts as part of the Outlook Address Book.

Outlook displays third-party address books in the Additional Address Book Types list. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings. You are prompted to select one of two types of address books.

Refresh the global address book in Outlook - Super User

To add the type of address book that you want, do one of the following:. Click the Search tab, and then change the server settings as needed. You can also limit the number of names listed in the address book after a successful search for a name. If you want to add names or email addresses, see Add people to the address book.

To make changes to the address book, see Make changes to entries in the address book. On the Address Books tab, click the address book that you want to remove. What would you like to do? The following types of address books can be displayed in the address book: On the Address Books tab, click New.

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To add the type of address book that you want, do one of the following: Click More Settings. Click the address book that you want to add, and then click Next.

Add or remove an address book

To sort the first column you should not hold down the Shift key. In 'Advanced Options' window Version 1. When it's turned on, the odd and even rows are displayed in different color, to make it easier to read a single line. Instead of loading all address books at once, OutlookAddressBookView now loads only the selected address book. Fixed bug: On Outlook profile with large amount of address books, the tab control occupied the entire window of OutlookAddressBookView.

Contacts are missing when you click the To button

Improved the memory usage and speed for large amount of contacts. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file - OutlookAddressBookView.

You can choose another Outlook profile from the Advanced Options window F9 In the combo-box located below the toolbar of OutlookAddressBookView window, you can choose the desired address book to load.

For PST based profiles, you'll probably find only one address book named 'Contacts'.

On Outlook , you'll also get the 'Suggested Contacts' address book.

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