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    Neetu Singh Geography Notes, Class Notes for Upsc Mains. December 27 Geography Optional Class notes in Hindi Medium part 2 pdf. Geography Optional Nitu Singh Class Notes. optional, Study Materials6,. Click here to download PDF. How can I download Neetu Singh’s geography optional notes? Are Neetu Singh geography optional notes available online good? For Geography as an optional subject, is Vajiram coaching good?.

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    Neetu Singh Geography Notes Pdf

    Download Geography Optional Notes by Neetu Singh for UPSC Exam: We all know the Syllabus for So, This is all about Geography Notes by Neetu Singh. Also read: UPSC Environment I download PDF for Target These are Geography optional notes of a student made in Neetu Singh's Geography optional classroom. The handwriting is good and notes are neat. Neetu. Geography Notes BY Neetu Singh Oceanography is the part of [flipbook pdf=”

    I went to Delhi a month ago and found that market is flooded with study material on geography. But all of that is junk- non systematic, vast, pages and pages of text copied from wikipedia impossible to read, comprehend and remember in preparation time for mains. I also got maps book. This has conceptualla well formed and pointwise answers,complete syllabus and information,extensive and detailed maps with conceptual coverage on all theories. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Examrace material. If you still have doubts please email us at contactus examrace.

    Besides being helpful in essays and other GS papers I found topics like Human Development , Agri issues , resources distribution very interesting and hence did not mind going the extra mile in these topics specially of Part B of both papers.

    Beginning credits go to my class X teacher Mrs. Anita Dey St. Xaviers Collegiate School, Kolkata who had piqued my interest in the subject and I got a gold medal in school J.

    These perceptions about easy scoring , high scoring etc can change any year for instance the paper had certain bouncer questions.

    In the end your optional needs to be mastered by you if you want to tide over these bouncers and be in the top bracket in your optional.

    Overall for Geography I would say the syllabus is quite lengthy and needs quite a bit of effort but as said earlier if you have interest in the subject and are willing to work for it do choose it.

    Regular updation of current notes on contemporary events and analyzing news from geographical point of view especially for handling part B of both papers.

    Geography Optional Notes | Pankaj Copiers

    Test series , answer writing and diagram practice. I guess it was based on certain reviews of a just successful candidate whose blog I found online that I went for Neetu Singh NS.

    I stuck to this one source and kept on adding information concepts from other sources like internet , test series , reference books etc.

    Also read: EBOOK EBOOK3000

    It served me well for I did not hop from one book to other and just used my time more efficiently to plug the gaps or weakness I found after having established sound knowledge in the subject. I used to consult both the syllabus , previous years papers to look out for missed out portions and covered them accordingly. Many people get coaching notes from various coaching institutes and in the end are confused what to read what not to.

    My final take on NS coaching was this : Pros : Lot of spatial examples in most topics which are helpful in maps and makes the answers more comprehensive. To the point coverage on topics. For me in the paper on most topics I had just enough matter for words answers , hence did not have to give much time to sieve through my knowledge.

    It was there for me in a condensed form which I reproduced on paper especially for the theory based questions like mountain belts , their origin , plate tectonics etc.

    Geography Optional Mains Test Series Pdf 2016 – Neetu Singh

    Good coverage of map pointing in class. In the map questions apart from importance of place which you maynot know use your knowledge from climate , soil structure , vegetation and physiography. Good coverage of part B of both papers. I found her coverage of Indian geography comprehensive enough for mains although not so much for prelims for which I used the book by Majid Hussain. I am also a believer that facts supplemented with data make a more convincing case and madam provided sufficient data like census numbers , forest cover , etc well.

    Cons : had to work a lot to make up for them Poor coverage of part A of the topic. For instance landform development theories , slope development , channel morphology , law of sea , marine pollution etc are just a few to name which was poorly covered.

    I had to supplement them with additional notes of Shabbir Sir , and reference from standard texts. No answer writing practice in my time. Diagram work is bordering on average-poor in most topics for which you need to refer to standard texts , online material.

    For instance Disaster Management , social forestry , major portion of environmental geography , regional development and planning amongst others. Her part B coverage is very good but at times she misses out or just mentions the concepts in passing instead of explaining them in detail.

    For instance the concept of pay , mental maps , limits to growth etc. Overall her guidance helped me in the exam for I did not have to go through many books to get my basics and fundamentals of geography. However this does not mean that coaching is compulsory for success in the exam. Many people take guidance from standard texts and ace the examination without coaching. For instance a topic like food security.

    Apart from issues of lack of access to food and water , how climate change is affecting productivity of crops , how shift of cropping patterns away from pulses is affecting nutrition security , how poor and tribals are disproportionately affected in various parts of our country draw a map and solutions like biofortication , social forestry etc can be looked into.

    In case of falling Child Sex Ratio apart from numbers and maps it may be linked to how regional development has led to falling numbers in Maharashtra ,, even Kerala whereas tribal regions show an uptick. Make In India one can focus on the issues of manufacturing industries like iron and steel , aluminum ,how we lack sufficient silicon industry for electronics , transport issues due to poor regional development , spatial map of electricity shortage etc.

    Newspapers are a rich source of maps and data as well. I remember an article in Express on Migration where they had given the source and destination of major migrations in the form of a map.

    Just cut and paste them in the notes and supplement them with any other information.

    For instance the civil wars in Africa and Middle east and ensuing crisis can be added as illegal migration , refugees and shown with a map incase a question on migration is asked.

    These information will not be usually given in one article at one place.

    Hence the need to maintain topic wise notes and continuously add points to it. For instance after the Uttarakhand and Kashmir floods , I got to know about a new concept of critical power for floods mentioned in one of the magazines. It also mentioned about Ravi Chopra Committee whose recommendation I read and used in Himalayan Ecosystem fragility answer this year in Mains. At times they take out very relevant articles for geography optional like recently livemint had an article series on water crisis of India which I found very useful.

    Other books: ALLEN KEY NOTES PDF

    Try to join test series with friends and write together. It helps in maintaining discipline and you can feel a bit competitive, can use the group to gauge relative performance etc.

    Writing tests is very draining and can make you exhausted. Make sure you sleep and eat well and treat yourself to well deserved breaks after the tests or whenever you genuinely feel necessary. Insights into editorial and Insights RSTV summary articles presented in lucid manner — and this is something which should not be avoided.

    I followed Insights secure to ensure nothing important is getting missed out. I believe reading Hindu daily for hours is not required given the low cost-benefit ratio. Keep them manageable as multiple revisions are required and you will write only those things is exam which are at your fingertips.

    Try to link current affairs news. Optional Geography : I got in first attempt and this year. Optional is your choice , try to make it your strength. Wrote all tests and got them evaluated. Geography syllabus is big and it will take time to master it. Read Shabbir Sir notes many many times to understand it. Read Majid sir books to get clarity. Try to get hold on Thoughts and models. Writing tests helped me a lot.

    Download Geography Notes by Neetu Singh. Geography Optional Notes.

    Take diagrams and maps from standard textbooks mentioned above. Practice them at home in free time. Read your notes and books many times. Revision is the key to success in this exam. I got marks. Joined mocks Samkalp and Vajiram and did group mocks with friends.

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